Uriel Orlow, Old Haunt, 2009

Old Haunt

Around a table an ensemble of five speakers re-visit their memories of the famous Café Odeon in Zürich: a contemporary, not yet crumbled ruin in whose still intact art-nouveau interior lie former utopias, stories and characters

Uriel Orlow, Oddly, 2008

Oddly, one lived the war in one’s mind more intensively than at home in a country at war

50 drawings, marker pen on tinted watercolour paper, 19 x 28 cm or 28 x 38 cm, newspapers, 2008-2009

Uriel Orlow, Ornament and Crime, 2008

Ornament And Crime

The video shows a slow close-up pan which creates an tactile inventory of the surfaces and materials of the café’s interior and its ornamental vocabulary

Uriel Orlow, Three Hours and Twenty-Five Minutes, 2008

Three Hours and Twenty-Five Minutes

The wish to establish the exact time that a tree standing in the forest needs in order to be converted into a newspaper has given the owner of a Harz paper mill the occasion to conduct an interesting experiment.

Uriel Orlow, Entre Chien et Loup, 2008

Entre Chien Et Loup

The café is filmed in long-shots after closing time at 3 am and before it re-opens the next day at 6 am.

Uriel Orlow, Ruins, 2008-3


Two colour photographs mounted on MDF at 150 degree angle, 106.6 x 33.6 cm / Installation version, 2008

Uriel Orlow, Urban Inventory, 2005

Urban Inventory

Urban Inventory, #1-4 consists of a series of 4 billboard posters which create an urban inventory by reading the city and collecting its visible and invisible signs.

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