oral history

Uriel Orlow, Aide-Mémoire, 2010-11


Aide-mémoire is part travelogue, slide-show, obscure history lesson and immersive sound-scape. It presents a visual chain of association and explores the construction of memory, narrative and national symbols.

Uriel Orlow, Old Haunt, 2009

Old Haunt

Around a table an ensemble of five speakers re-visit their memories of the famous Café Odeon in Zürich: a contemporary, not yet crumbled ruin in whose still intact art-nouveau interior lie former utopias, stories and characters

Uriel Orlow+Marcia Farquhar, Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys, 2007

The Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys

Uriel Orlow & Marcia Farquhar, single channel video with sound, 11′ “In planning The Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys, Uriel took a rather lateral approach to the choice of work, pulling at a very particular thread in Marcia’s work, and in … More

Uriel Orlow, The Visitor, 2007

The Visitor

A photo-essay of the artist’s audience with Oba Erediauwa, the current king of Benin

Uriel Orlow, Housed Memory, 2000-5

Housed Memory

video with sound, 8h 53′, 2000-2005 Housed Memory constitutes an exhaustive video archive of the collections held by the Wiener Library, London. The Wiener Library has its roots in early 1930’s Berlin but has been based in London since 1938 … More

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