Chromogenic photographs on diasec, 90 x 60 cm This series of photographs looks at the use of plants as part of fences, walls and security systems in suburban South Africa.


The Memory of Trees

Series of large-scale black and white photographs This series of photographs considers trees as both witnesses and monuments of history. They hold an embodied memory of events, and like ghosts, remind us of how the past lives on in the … More

Allium Albotunicatum, from the series Double Vision (Native Plan

Double Vision (Native Plants)

Double Vision (Native Plants), 2013 Hand-tinted black and white silver gelatin fiber-based prints, 24 x 29 cm Double Vision (Native Plants) is a series of hand coloured silver gelatin prints, based on stereoscopic photographs made in Palestine in the early … More

Installation view, Les Complices*, Zurich, 2013 (Photo: Uriel Orlow)

Unmade Film: The Production Photographs

Unmade Film: The Stills,2013

Unmade Film: The Stills

Series of 14 prints, pigment ink on baryta paper, framed, 36×36 cm

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance 2012

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance presents extracts from a conversation about a possible future film between Pier Paolo Pasolini, Robert Smithson and a third unidentified person.

Etats des Lieux Untitled B

États des Lieux

  États des Lieux, series of 6 black and white photographic prints, dimensions variable, 2012.

Fig. (The Statue)

Fig. (The Statue)

Fig. (The Statue), photographic prints, 87 x 125 cm, 2012

Uriel Orlow, Still Aftershock, 2011

Still Aftershock

Series of Fibre-based Silver Gelatine Prints, C-type Prints and Slide Projection, 2011. In December 1988 the textile factory of Leninakan in Northern Armenia was destroyed by a major earthquake, prefiguring the seismic shift that was the end of the Soviet … More

Uriel Orlow, Untitled, 2010


series of two prints, pigment ink on baryta paper, 44.3 x 74.3 cm, 2010

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