Installations & Objects


Geraniums Are Never Red

  Postcards The bright red, geraniums that trail from the balconies of Swiss chalets and clamber up palm trees in California aren’t botanically speaking, geraniums at all, nor are they Swiss or Californian; in fact they are pelargoniums. They were … More

grey,green, gold001

Grey, Green, Gold

Grey, Green, Gold 2015 Concrete plinth with loupe and seed, slide projection with 81 slides, photograph mounted on aluminium/wallpaper image, framed photograph. Dimensions variable Nelson Mandela and his co-accused Rivonia trial ANC comrades were imprisoned for 18 years from 1964 to 1982 in a special section … More

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits, 2013

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits, 2013 16mm film, transparency, 6’ 58” loop Unmade Film: The Closing Credits is a 16mm film that shows barely anything. Instead of a scroll of names, white dots appear and disappear on black leader, placeholders of … More

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance 2012

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance

Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance presents extracts from a conversation about a possible future film between Pier Paolo Pasolini, Robert Smithson and a third unidentified person.

Silent Installation


Silent, installation version, dimensions variable, 2012

Fig. (The Toppling)

Fig. (The Toppling)

Fig. (The Toppling), part of the series By Way of Illustration, banner, 91.5 x 251.7 cms, 2011-2012


The Future is History / History is the Future

The Future is History / History is the Future, Neon, Dimensions variable, 2012

Uriel Orlow, Bitterlake Chronicles, 2010

The Bitterlake Chronicles

21 pigment prints on Hahnemühle paper, 1 painting, dimensions variable, 2010

Uriel Orlow, Anatopism, 2010-01


slide projection, 81 slides, 2010

Uriel Orlow, Top Lines, 2010

Top Lines

Pigment pen on paper, diptych, overall 63.5 x 45 cm, 2010

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