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ArtReview | John Quin | May 2015

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Allium Albotunicatum, from the series Double Vision (Native Plan

Double Vision (Native Plants)

Double Vision (Native Plants), 2013 Hand-tinted black and white silver gelatin fiber-based prints, 24 x 29 cm Double Vision (Native Plants) is a series of hand coloured silver gelatin prints, based on stereoscopic photographs made in Palestine in the early … More

Uriel Orlow, Unmade Film: The Proposal

Unmade Film: The Proposal

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits, 2013

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits

Unmade Film: The Closing Credits, 2013 16mm film, transparency, 6’ 58” loop Unmade Film: The Closing Credits is a 16mm film that shows barely anything. Instead of a scroll of names, white dots appear and disappear on black leader, placeholders of … More

Installation view, Les Complices*, Zurich, 2013 (Photo: Uriel Orlow)

Unmade Film: The Production Photographs

Unmade Film: The Stills,2013

Unmade Film: The Stills

Series of 14 prints, pigment ink on baryta paper, framed, 36×36 cm

Unmade Film- The Storyboard-01

Unmade Film: The Storyboard

Unmade Film: The Storyboard Drawings, booklet 28 x 22 cm, 16 pages, 2013 The Storyboard is a series of drawings from a workshop with students from Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi in East Jerusalem, which was the orphanage set up by Hind … More

The Script, 2013

Unmade Film: The Script

Unmade Film: The Script Handwritten Faksimile on Paper, 60 drawings, 21 x 29.7 cm The text is from psychiatric cases studies from counselling centres in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Uriel Orlow, The Score, 2013

Unmade Film: The Score

Unmade Film: The Score Audio in 5 movements, 45’ Based on a concert Score for an Unmade Film about Deir Yassin that took place on 9 April 2013 at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, collaboration with Tareq Abboushi, Maya Khaldi, Dirar … More

Unmade Film: The Staging, 2012

Unmade Film: The Staging

Unmade Film: The Staging, HD Video, Silent, 9′ 30″, 2012 Unmade Film: The Staging evolved out of a collaborative workshop held in Ramallah and Jerusalem and conceived together with Frances Rifkin. The workshop explored forms of theatre developed by Augusto Boal … More

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