Remnants of the Future

Etats des Lieux Untitled B

États des Lieux

  États des Lieux, series of 6 black and white photographic prints, dimensions variable, 2012.

Dreams of the Future (Mayakovsky)

Dream of the Future (Mayakovsky)

Dream of the Future (Mayakovsky), Photogravure, 48 x 35.7 cm, 2012


Plans for the Past

Plans for the Past, HD video with sound, 18′ 15″, 2012 A second part to Remnants of the Future, this film goes back to the original Mush in Eastern Anatolia. Unlike the ghost town in Armenia named after it, in … More


The Future is History / History is the Future

The Future is History / History is the Future, Neon, Dimensions variable, 2012

Chewing the Scenery

Chewing The Scenery

ed. Andrea Thal (Zürich: Edition Fink, 2011) Produced for Switzerland’s contribution at the 54th Venice Biennale, designed by Georg Rutishauser and Anna Frei, with artistic contributions by Maria Iorio / Raphaël Cuomo, Uriel Orlow and Eran Schaerf.

Uriel Orlow, Aide-Mémoire, 2010-11


Aide-mémoire is part travelogue, slide-show, obscure history lesson and immersive sound-scape. It presents a visual chain of association and explores the construction of memory, narrative and national symbols.

Uriel Orlow, by Richard Thomas, Art Monthly, March 2009

Art Monthly | Richard Thomas | March 2010

Swiss artist Uriel Orlow’s multi-work installation Remnants of the Future, all works 2010, ruminates on time travel, architectureand Armenia since the 1915 Ottoman-Turkish genocide, the 1988 Spitak earthquake and the collapse of the SovietUnion in 1991. The dominant element – … More

Uriel Orlow, Remnants of the Future (Video), 2010

Remnants of the Future (video)

Remnants of the Future combines elements of documentary, sci-fi and electro-acoustics. It portrays the precarious existence in a post-Soviet ghost-town, an inverted ruin of the modern that is still waiting to fulfill its utopian ambition of communal living.

Uriel Orlow, Soviet Sleep, 2010

Soviet Sleep

Drawings of Death masks of Soviet Dignitaries by Sergey Merkurov.

Art in America

Art in America | Colin Perry | January 2010

When I met Uriel Orlow at his first solo exhibition at Laure Gellinard gallery in London, the Swiss-born artist gave me a few pointers to decode his latest video work. Orlow’s background (he is from an émigré family) resonates throughout … More

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