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cover_Erik Bullot on Unmade Film

Erik Bullot on Unmade Film

Why summon a model based on film to organise the series of visual art works making up the overall project known as Unmade Film, Uriel Orlow’s multipart body of work that is bound up with the memory of Deir Yassin? … More

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Hanan Toukan | Continuity from Rupture | 2013

in Unmade Film, ed. Uriel Orlow (Zurich: edition fink, 2013) “By the end of the [1948] war,” writes Walid Khalidi in All That Remains, “hundreds of entire villages had not only been depopulated but obliterated… travellers of Israeli roads and … More


Marina Vishmidt | The External Cause of the Image | 2011

published in The Short and The Long of It, Mousse Publishing, Milan, 2011 Transnational shipping routes traverse time zones invented to synchronize the sun’s uneven impact on a globe girded by continuous capital flows. The world as calibrated in an … More

Short Long O' Reilly

Sally O’Reilly | The Short and the Long of it | 2010

While the focus of The Short and The Long of It is a real event, Uriel Orlow is more intent on permitting us glimpses than revealing the whole picture. Spilling evocative images and letting out the narrative like yards of … More

neither fish nor fowl, tom trevatt

Tom Trevatt | Neither Fish Nor Fowl | 2009

“like with everything you have to be selective, and so much is repetitive, so much” (Volunteer archivist interviewed in Housed Memory 2000-2005) This new selection of work, taken from Uriel Orlow’s material collection, what he calls purposefully obtusely ‘stuff’, focuses … More

In These Great Times, Sperlinger

Mike Sperlinger | In These Great Times | 2008

History requires tact. For example, in the anecdotal history of Zurich’s Café Odeon we find configurations of artists, asylum seekers, radicals, war, isolationism, newspapers, censorship and reaction – chains of association and connection which might tempt us to presumptive conclusions, … More


Gilane Tawadros | The Benin Project | 2007

published in The Benin Project (London: future perfect, 2007) Dispersed across the gallery space, a constellation of video monitors map the different phases in the process of brass casting by contemporary sculptors in the city of Benin in present-day Nigeria. … More

Gaps in Narrative, Cherry Smyth

Cherry Smyth | Gaps in Narrative | 2007

Uriel Orlow uses diverse artforms to investigate where history, place and memory intersect and resonate in the present, whether in archived documents, the physical body or in geographical locations themselves.  Rather than reconstruct history as the past, for which the … More

Deposits, by Uriel Orlow

Michael Newman | Archive, Testimony, and Trace | 2006

published in Deposits (Berlin: The Greenbox, 2006) Download PDF

In Concert

Ian Hunt | In Concert | 2006

Published in Performance, exhibition catalogue (St Prex: Wings, 20006), pp. 2-5. We are accustomed, when thinking about memory, to move between questions of personal memory (which we do not always adequately understand as socially implicated) and the larger question of … More

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