Writings & Contributions by Uriel Orlow

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Memory Montage | An interview with Omar Kholeif

In this interview Omar Kholeif talks to Uriel Orlow about his recent project for Ibraaz Platform 008: 2922 Days(2014), a culmination of two earlier works that uncover the undocumented eight-year entrapment of 14 cargo ships in the Suez Canal at … More


A Conversation about Unmade Film

Andrea Thal: I would like to start our conversation by considering the form and the title of your body of work Unmade Film and how these relate to the contents. Over the last few years you have created works in … More



  Künstlerische Forschung. Ein Handbuch Jens Badura (ed.), Selma Dubach (ed.), Anke Haarmann (ed.), Dieter Mersch (ed.), Anton Rey (ed.), Christoph Schenker (ed.), Germán Toro Pérez (ed.) (Zurich-Berlin: diaphanes, 2015) Mit Beiträgen von Peter Ablinger, Sigrid Adorf, Jens Badura, Anette … More

radikal ambivalent

Radikal Ambivalent

Radikal ambivalent Engagement und Verantwortung in den Künsten heute Rachel Mader (ed.) (Zurich-Berlin, diaphanes, 2014) Mit Beiträgen von Helmut Draxler, Thomas Hirschhorn, knowbotiq, Verena Krieger, Brigitta Kuster, Barbara Lange, Rachel Mader, Uriel Orlow, Gerald Raunig, Johanna Schaffer, et al. Uriel Orlow … More


Rituals of Filming and the Dialogic Camera

In Moving Image Review & Art Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Intellect Ltd Features, 2013). Features an essay by Uriel Orlow, “Rituals of Filming and the Dialogic Camera”. Download PDF

All This Stuff: Archiving the Artist

Artists and Archives: A Correspondence

All This Stuff: Archiving the Artist, (eds.) Judy Vaknin, Karyn Stuckey and Victoria Lane. (Oxford, Libri Publishing, 2013) Contributions by Clive Phillpot, Gustav Metzger, Bruce McLean, Barbara Steveni, John Latham, Barry Flanagan, Edward Burra, Penelope Curtis, Neal White and others. … More


In Praise of Ghosts

ed. Sharon Kivland and Naomi Segal (igrs books, 2013) Download PDF of “In Praise of Ghosts”

Time is a Place Cover

An Exchange on Notions of Haunting

a conversation between Uriel Orlow & Andrea Thal, in Time is a Place (Nürnberg: Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2012) An Exchange on Notions of Haunting: Download PDF

Chewing the Scenery

Chewing The Scenery

ed. Andrea Thal (Zürich: Edition Fink, 2011) Produced for Switzerland’s contribution at the 54th Venice Biennale, designed by Georg Rutishauser and Anna Frei, with artistic contributions by Maria Iorio / Raphaël Cuomo, Uriel Orlow and Eran Schaerf.

Adventure Landing

Flicker, Blink and Time: Towards the Zero Degree of Movement

Adventure Landing, Verina Gfader ed. (Berlin, Revolver Publishing, 2011) Features an essay by Uriel Orlow, “Flicker, Blink and Time: Towards the Zero Degree of Movement”. Download PDF

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