Unmade Film

Unmade Film

An audio-visual project about the impossibility of a film on the Deir Yassin massacre, exploring the complex ramifications of the place (2 volumes artist’s book). 22cm x 28cm (softcover) 272 + 164 pages (ill.)


Terrain vague – Persistent Images – حركات غير مكتملة

Terrain vague حركات غير مكتملة Persistent images gathers works by Céline Condorelli and Uriel Orlow in a multi-voice artist book conceived by Sophie Demay and Lola Halifa-Legrand. It explores blind spots, unexpected epilogues and disappearances in the grand narratives of … More

re the archive

Re: the archive, the image, and the very dead sheep

Bookwork by Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan, 160 pp. Design by Kapitza. London: Double agents, 2004 ISBN: 0-9548947-0-7 A ‘ready-made archive’, a holiday correspondence and a philosophico-anecdotal meditation on history. Ruth Maclennan and Uriel Orlow write to each other while … More


What the billboard saw / La ville mode d’emploi

Bookwork by Uriel Orlow, published by Kunsthalle Fribourg (2005), limited edition of 200, signed A notebook-sized archive of the billboards vision of the city interspersed with a compendium of reflections on the urban condition by de Certeau, Perec, Acconci, Sinclair … More

time + again

Time+Again: Critical Contradictions in Chris Marker’s La Jetée

PhD thesis (University of the Arts, 2002) The thesis is an investigation into the critical power of a work of art. This critical power is seen to be produced by paradoxes which are particular to it and which have the … More

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