Works from 2016



  Chromogenic photographs on diasec, 90 x 60 cm This series of photographs looks at the use of plants as part of fences, walls and security systems in suburban South Africa.


The Crown Against Mafavuke

Single-channel video installation, 18’45″ with sound The Crown Against Mafavuke is based on a South African trial from 1940. Mafavuke Ngcobo was a traditional herbalist who was accused by the local white medical establishment of ‘untraditional behaviour’. The film explores … More


The Fairest Heritage

Single channel video, 4’ 18” In 1963, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Kirstenbosch, the national botanical garden of South Africa
in Cape Town commissioned a series of films to document the history of the garden, … More


The Memory of Trees

Series of large-scale black and white photographs This series of photographs considers trees as both witnesses and monuments of history. They hold an embodied memory of events, and like ghosts, remind us of how the past lives on in the … More


Geraniums Are Never Red

  Postcards The bright red, geraniums that trail from the balconies of Swiss chalets and clamber up palm trees in California aren’t botanically speaking, geraniums at all, nor are they Swiss or Californian; in fact they are pelargoniums. They were … More


Beautiful But Dangerous

work in progress Colonial plant migration went both ways. Over the past 3 and a half centuries almost 9000 different exotic plants have been introduced in South Africa for the purposes of providing timber and fuel, food and to beautify … More


Blacklisted (Was Wir Durch Die Blume Sagen)

works on paper The management of ‘invasive aliens’ in Zurich, Switzerland

What Plants Were Called Before They Had a Name

What Plants Were Called Before They Had A Name

Surround Sound Audio, 22 40” European colonialism in South Africa (and elsewhere) was both preceded and accompanied by expeditions that aimed at charting the territory and classifying its natural resources, in turn paving the way for occupation and exploitation. The … More

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