Works from 2010

Uriel Orlow, Untitled, 2010


series of two prints, pigment ink on baryta paper, 44.3 x 74.3 cm, 2010

Uriel Orlow - Lessepsian Migrants - 2011

Lessepsian Migrants

Lessepsian Migrants, series of 23 drawings, pigment ink and watercolour on handmade paper, 21 x 29.7 cm each, pastel on wall, 2011

Uriel Orlow, Bitterlake Chronicles, 2010

The Bitterlake Chronicles

21 pigment prints on Hahnemühle paper, 1 painting, dimensions variable, 2010

Orlow, Waterlocked, 2010, detail


4 pigment photographic prints on Hahnemühle baryta paper, framed 70 x 14 cm, 2010

Uriel Orlow, Water and Smoke, 2010

Water and Smoke

Single channel video on monitor, silent, 6′ 30″ looped, 2010

Uriel Orlow, Anatopism, 2010-01


slide projection, 81 slides, 2010

Karikis+Orlow, Sounds from Beneath, 2010

Sounds from Beneath

In Sounds from Beneath a disused coal-mine in East Kent, once populated with workers, machines and the sounds of their activities, is brought back to life through song. The video centers around a choral piece in which ex-miners’ recall in song the subterranean sounds of a working coal mine.

Uriel Orlow, Deep Opacity, 2010

Deep Opacity

5 C-type photographs, 2010

Uriel Orlow, Aide-Mémoire, 2010-11


Aide-mémoire is part travelogue, slide-show, obscure history lesson and immersive sound-scape. It presents a visual chain of association and explores the construction of memory, narrative and national symbols.

Uriel Orlow, Remnants of the Future (Video), 2010

Remnants of the Future (video)

Remnants of the Future combines elements of documentary, sci-fi and electro-acoustics. It portrays the precarious existence in a post-Soviet ghost-town, an inverted ruin of the modern that is still waiting to fulfill its utopian ambition of communal living.

Uriel Orlow, Soviet Sleep, 2010

Soviet Sleep

Drawings of Death masks of Soviet Dignitaries by Sergey Merkurov.

Uriel Orlow, Top Lines, 2010

Top Lines

Pigment pen on paper, diptych, overall 63.5 x 45 cm, 2010


After the End of History

Cover of Francis Fukuyama’s 1991 book ‘The End of History and the Last Man’, 2010

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