Works from 2009

Uriel Orlow, What Cannot Be Seen, 2009

What Cannot Be Seen

series of images, 2004-9

Uriel Orlow, Not For Sale, 2009

Not For Sale

series of photographs, dimensions variable, 2009

Uriel Orlow, Neither Fish nor Fowl, 2009

Neither Fish Nor Fowl

installation with photograhs on tables, 3 videos, wall-text, 2009

Uriel Orlow, Old Haunt, 2009

Old Haunt

Around a table an ensemble of five speakers re-visit their memories of the famous Café Odeon in Zürich: a contemporary, not yet crumbled ruin in whose still intact art-nouveau interior lie former utopias, stories and characters

Uriel Orlow, Oddly, 2008

Oddly, one lived the war in one’s mind more intensively than at home in a country at war

50 drawings, marker pen on tinted watercolour paper, 19 x 28 cm or 28 x 38 cm, newspapers, 2008-2009

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