Works from 2007

Uriel Orlow+Marcia Farquhar, Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys, 2007

The Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys

Uriel Orlow & Marcia Farquhar, single channel video with sound, 11′ “In planning The Transgenerational Memory of Monkeys, Uriel took a rather lateral approach to the choice of work, pulling at a very particular thread in Marcia’s work, and in … More

Uriel Orlow, The Naked Palace, 2008-6

The Naked Palace

The camera trails a guide on a tour through the labyrinthine architectural complex of Ogiamen’s palace in Benin City (Nigeria)

Uriel Orlow, Elements, 2007


series of 5 pigment prints on Hahnemühle paper, 2007

Uriel Orlow, The Visitor, 2007

The Visitor

A photo-essay of the artist’s audience with Oba Erediauwa, the current king of Benin

Uriel Orlow, Lost Wax, 2007-3

Lost Wax

Lost Wax shows artists at work in the traditional brass-casting district in Benin City (Nigeria), using the ancient lost wax technique (cire perdue) and recycled metal from the West to produce metal cast artefacts

Uriel Orlow, A Very Fine Cast (110 years), 2007

A Very Fine Cast (110 years)

These texts are produced from linguistic negative casts in the form of the metal engraving plates which, quite literally, set into relief the darker, historical context and frame for the museum collections.

Uriel Orlow, Worldwide Benin, 2007

Worldwide Benin

A roll call of over 500 museums and collectors holding the famous Benin artifcats taken by the British in 1897 during the punitive expedition in Benin City and now dispersed all over the world in major museums

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