Works from 2006

Uriel Orlow, 1942 (Poznan)-01

1942 (Poznan)

An evocative single screen video projection shot inside a large public swimming pool in Poznan, Poland which in 1942 was converted by the Nazis from a synagogue.

Uriel Orlow, Housed Memory, 2000-5

Housed Memory

video with sound, 8h 53′, 2000-2005 Housed Memory constitutes an exhaustive video archive of the collections held by the Wiener Library, London. The Wiener Library has its roots in early 1930’s Berlin but has been based in London since 1938 … More

Uriel Orlow, Inside the Archive, 2000

Inside The Archive

145 images  as video slide show or photographic installation, 2000-2006 Inside the Archive takes us through the interior of a small archive and library, foregrounding its material conditions, and focusing on different spaces which are devoted to archival tasks and … More

Uriel Orlow, The Wiener Library, 2000

The Wiener Library (London)

video with sound, 90 mins looped, 2000-2 The Wiener Library (London) shows the exterior of the Wiener Library building in a London street. Scrolling over this everyday image is the alphabetical list of thesaurus terms which allow the collection to … More

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