Image for Unmade Film (2012-3) by Uriel Orlow

Unmade Film (2012-3)

Unmade Film is an impossible film, fragmented into its constituent parts, an expansive collection of audio-visual works that point to the structure of a film but never fully become one. April – July 2013 at Al-Ma\'mal Foundation, Jerusalem, CCS Paris and Les Complices* Zurich.
Image for Remnants of the Future (2010-12) by Uriel Orlow

Remnants of the Future (2010-12)

Combining elements of documentary, sci-fi and electro-acoustics, Remnants of the Future explores the precarious existence in a post-Soviet ghost-town, an inverted ruin of the modern that is still waiting to fulfill its utopian ambition of communal living.
Image for Terrain vague– حركات غير مكتملة –Persistent images by Uriel Orlow

Terrain vague– حركات غير مكتملة –Persistent images

Terrain vague حركات غير مكتملة Persistent images gathers works by Céline Condorelli and Uriel Orlow in a multi-voice artist book conceived by Sophie Demay and Lola Halifa-Legrand.
Image for The Short and the Long of it by Uriel Orlow

The Short and the Long of it

The starting point of The Short and the Long of It is an extra-ordinary episode which has all but disappeared from official histories; namely, the failed passage of fourteen international cargo ships through the Suez Canal on 5 June 1967.
  • 3rd Documentary Forum

  • Unmade Film: The Proposal

  • History Repeating

  • Assembly: Surface


  • Edinburgh Art Festival | Where do I end and you begin

  • Ludwig Mùzeum, Budapest | [silence]

  • Mor.Charpentier, Paris | Illimitée promesse d’avenir

  • La Veronica, Modica | Deep Opacity

  • EVA International, Limerick | Agitationism

  • Centre d’Art Contemporain Perpignan | Walter Benjamin: l’ange de l’histoire

  • Württ. Kunstverein Stuttgart | Something in Space Escapes Our Attempts at Surveying

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